Fun Learning Sites

On this page we highlight wonderful web sites we admire for their ability to engage students and make learning fun.

  1. ABC123Kidz- A very helpful site for elementary level language arts and math.
  2. All the DAZE- Fill "All the DAZE" you spend with children with play, creativity and education.
  3. Alphabetology- A busy parent's guide for teaching the ABC's, letter sounds, and beginning reading to children ages 3-6.
  4. BrainBashers- brain teasers, puzzles, optical illusions and games.
  5. Children's Books Set to Classical Music- Astoria Productions' with book publisher and author Sharon Olexa Crandall offers books with CDs set to classical music from top composers.
  6. Fun free games to teach graphing points on the coordinate plane, the elements, graphing lines, and balancing chemical equations.
  7. Fraction Calculators - This is done super cool! It shows you a visual of the fraction you are computing.
  8. FreeTypingGame.Net- For free typing games, lessons and tests. All online, nothing to install.
  9. Just Kidding by Rod Maclean- A single panel cartoon about the funny side of school life. Suitable for everyone, great for school newsletters, memos, bulletins and all education projects.
  10. Kathy's Critters- An absolutely fabulous way to engage students with our friends of the animal kingdom.
  11. Kids Online- Features a wide range of activities for kids to have fun and learn something new.
  12. Kidsparkz- An excellent web site for preschool resources.
  13. Kids Tunes Online- High Quality Children's Music, Books, Videos, Games and more for the Whole Family! Experience one of the best collections of children's songs ever assembled. Fun, entertaining and educational, these songs will delight the whole family over and over again.
  14. Lil' Fingers- A storybook site for toddlers with educational games, storybooks and coloring pages.
  15. Math Goodies- Math Goodies is a free math help site that launched in 1998. Math Goodies was a pioneer of interactive math instruction and free math homework help. Today this award-winning site has over 500 pages of activities for students, educators and parents.
  16. Memorize In A Flash!- A free online graphical flashcard program. A great way to review for students.
  17. Promptz- An extensive library or collection of thumbnail images and sounds featuring ‘familiar to children’ letter, number and word clue pictures or environmental print.
  18. Schoolhouse Technologies- Offers a wide variety of worksheet and test creation Windows-software, perfect for classroom teachers and homeschoolers.
  19. Songs 4 Teachers- Features more than 125 Free Songs and Poems to use with Children.
  20. Teach the Children Well- A collection of links to sites carefully selected by a teacher for students as well as their parents and teachers.
  21. TeachingResource- Provides Teachers, Parents and Children in the UK with some of the best educational resources in the UK and beyond.
  22. The JEM Site- It's the iTunes for children's music. A classroom teachers dream come true!
  23. The Teachers’ Podcast- News, views, research and resources you can use are featured in every episode of The Teachers’ Podcast.


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