Recommended Curriculum Resources

Here we highlight fantastic grade level K-8 resources to help when creating your own curriculum.

  1. A Book in Time - The original project started simply as a chronological history booklist, but listings of crafts, timelines, maps, and other resources have been added over the years.

  2. Books for Learning- Books for Learning offers educational texts for children, from classic literature with comprehension questions to step-by-step instruction in the three Rs.

  3. Cool Teacher Links- Highlights the wonderful parts of the Internet for teachers. Very helpful for great new ideas.

  4. Cyberlearning World- Features wonderful resources for Social Studies teachers.

  5. Family Corner- Filled with great project ideas, recipes, and parenting advice.

  6. Han-5 Math- An innovative approach teaches how numbers work together to create math facts.

  7. Hands-On Tasks & IDEAS- Offers products designed for children and adults with special needs who are in need of basic skills training or vocational skills training.

  8. Little Worksheets - Worksheets just for the elementary grade levels.

  9. Kinderhelper- Children's resources for kindergarten, pre-school & elementary school teachers and parents.

  10. Math Worksheets Land - Worksheets aligned directly to the Core math curriculum.

  11. Math Worksheets Center- You'll find step-by-step math lessons for students and teachers.

  12. Pamm's House- Pamm provides a wealth of information for all facets of life with children.

  13. Reading Worksheets - Covers the entire ELA Common Core curriculum for you.

  14. Social Studies for Kids- A great resource for students, teachers, and anyone else who wants to learn about Social Studies.

  15. Spelling it Right- Learn to spell from an experienced English teacher.

  16. Teacher Jet - Has lesson plans, rubrics, web quests and worksheets.

  17. The Classroom- For just about any interest in education at any level.

  18. Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas- Read essays, get lessons, forms, templates, presentations, freebies, links, educational toys, software, books, and more!