Recommended Educational Organizations

Here we highlight a number of great wonderful education organizations that we personally find a good deal of value in.

  1. Community of Writers- A teacher support program dedicated to improving student writing achievement by improving the quality of writing instruction.

  2. CT Kids' Directory- Connecticut's premiere family resource guide! If you live in any other state, you will envy this directory.

  3. Early Bloom, Inc.- A unique company that was established to promote early literacy in the home.

  4. HiTek Consultants- A wonderful assortment of educational web sites.

  5. Kelly Bear- Kelly is a role model for character building in ages 3-9. Kelly teaches vital social skills and fosters children's emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

  6. New Teacher University- A one-stop success resource for new and beginning teachers. NTU equips, empowers, and encourages teachers by providing them with the necessary tools for success both in and outside of the classroom.

  7. OaklandWeb- Offers a wonderful directory of educational links.

  8. Peer Resources- The primary source for Peer, Mentor and Coach resources.

  9. The Educators Home and Education Store- Online education store with resources for parents and teachers.

  10. Transformation Education- Consulting team that provides innovative educational services to organizations, schools, institutions, non-profits and individuals.