50 Quick Report Card General Comments For Assessing Elementary Students

Making general comments on a student's report card is a great way to inform their parents or guardians of how their child is performing in school. Unlike subject-specific comments, these report card general comments will be able to give parents of the students a greater understanding of their child's school work habits.

1. Your child is working well with others and is also excelling in all study areas.

2. _____ is a dedicated worker, and is eager to learn new skills and techniques.

3. This student was struggling in _____ at the beginning of the reporting period, but has improved their overall performance in this subject area.

4. ____ always uses his or her spare time to complete past assignments.

5. Your child is learning to become a great listener, and takes directions well.

6. _____ has a great personality and is a true asset to this classroom.

7. This student has worked very hard for their high marks on this report card, and is showing constant improvement.

8. While _____ was having a hard time earlier in this reporting period, he or she has been working very hard to improve their overall grade level.

9. Your child is gaining self-confidence in the areas of study where they had a difficult time in at the beginning of this reporting period.

10. _____ is constantly increasing their skills in every subject.

11. Although _____ is having trouble in several subjects, he or she is trying their hardest to improve.

12. _____ has a great attitude towards learning, and is willing to take direction and construction when needed.

13. _____ is a great asset to this classroom and actively volunteers to help around the room.

14. Your child seems excited every morning and is willing to try their hardest to overcome problems and issues.

15. _____ is a joy to have in the class, he or she has a great sense of humor and is constantly filling their spare time reading stories.

16. _____ is a very pleasant student, and is working well with others.

17. Your child understands the importance of sharing and works well when in a group setting.

18. _____ has above-grade-level achievements and has consistently shown improvement throughout the reporting period.

19. This student is able to respond well with direction and takes constructive criticism very well.

20. Your child is making great strides in their academic standings, and has consistently shown improvement in weak subject areas.

21. If needed, your child accepts responsibilities and is willing to accept the consequences to their actions.

22. _____ needs to learn how to listen better, and is often a distraction to fellow students. I suggest clarifying the importance of concentration and respecting others with your child.

23. _____ has been working very hard in this reporting period, and has shown outstanding progress in the following subject areas:

24. While _____ is excited to learn about all subject areas, he or she is exceptionally enthusiastic to work on his or her _______

25. Due to your child's exceptional quality of work, he or she may exceed this grade's expectations in the following subjects:

26. _____ does well in class; however, he or she needs to learn how to work well with others. He or she is able to perform well alone, however, in group settings _____ does not perform as well.

27. Your child is exceptionally mature when compared to the rest of his or her classmates.

28. _____ is excited to learn new ideas and can grasp this new information quickly.

29. _____ does not seem to enjoy class, and is frequently disrupting students around them. I would like to meet with you to discuss ways to eliminate this issue.

30. Your child can organize his or her thoughts in a well-laid-out manner.

31. _____ is one of the most creative students in my class, and they are more than willing to try out new ideas and concepts.

32. _____ needs to improve their overall work habits and concentration skills. I feel that he or she would excel once they gain a better understanding of concentration.

33. Your child's handwriting needs to be improved to meet standard grade-level.

34. _____ loves learning his or her alphabet and is readily grasping new ideas.

35. _____ is sensitive and cries easily during stressful situations within the classroom.

36. Your child is able to make friends quickly and easily and is often found in the center of most classroom discussions.

37. _____ needs to apply themselves more to all areas of study in order to meet the minimum standard requirements for this grade level.

38. _____ needs to increase his or her ability to listen and follow directions carefully. While this student has been performing well overall, they need to follow directions more carefully.

39. Your child enjoys learning about new things and reading stories.

40. _____ is very respectful of other students in the classroom and waits till it is his or her turn to speak.

41. ______ has the ability to put together large sentences and is also a creative thinker. He or she is one of the most creative thinkers in the class.

42. ______ is able to point out and discuss various shapes and is currently progressing ahead of the rest of the class.

43. Your child is a great helper within the classroom, and is more than willing to help out any classmate.

44. This student is extremely creative, and has created many interesting forms of artwork.

45. Because _____ is unable to complete an entire task on his or her own, I suggest encouraging your child to complete homework assignments on his or her own with minimal supervision.

46. While _____ has shown mass improvement within their subject skills, I suggest having your child continue studying the following subjects in order for him or her to retain what they have learned.

47. As the year progresses, _____ is showing great improvements.

48. ______ is capable of producing better work; all he or she must do is concentrate harder on their work.

49. I have enjoyed having _____ in my class.

50. _____ is a real asset to my classroom.