50 Quick Report Card Comments For Assessing Elementary Student Reading Skills

Below are fifty report card comments that will help you access your student's reading skills. These comments will help give the child's parents a greater understanding of their child's current skill level, and will help them on aiding their child's reading skills.


1. (student name) is showing enthusiasm for the material read.

2. Has increased their reading comprehension skills.

3. Works to the fullest of his/her abilities.

4. Increasing their self-confidence in their reading ability.

5. ____ is steadily improving their reading abilities.

6. Follows directions very well.

7. ____ has been consistently improving.

8. _____ is willing to take correction and direction.

9. Responds to directions well, and is quick to apply them to their current reading habits.

10. ____ is excited to take part in classroom reading activities and is always first to volunteer for reading out loud.

11. Greatly enjoys reading stories and is willing to discuss what he or she read.

12. Eager to help classmates in their reading skills and comprehension.

13. Needs progress in reading speed and comprehension.

14. ____ is having difficulty comprehending what he/she reads and cannot remember details of story.

15. ____ is always ready to read out loud and enjoys telling stories.

16. ____ constantly asks questions and is very curious about what they are reading.

17. ____ looks forward to reading and is always first to begin reading.

18. Has been performing very well in all reading skills.

19. Obtains excellent ability to organize thoughts gathered from what he or she read.

20. This student is able to perform well in all reading workshops.

21. Must improve work habits to progress in his/her reading skills.

22. Respectful of others during reading time.

23. ____ comprehends the stories well, but needs to focus more to increase their reading time.

24. Can't follow written directions and asks excessive questions regarding these directions.

25. Has the ability to sound-out larger words without asking for help from the teacher.

26. This student comprehends and remembers what he or she reads for long periods of time.

27. ___ is very interested in reading and discovering new stories and looks forward to this school subject.

28. ___ can recognize larger words without assistance from teacher.

29. Is often found reading after reading time has concluded.

30. ____ has a great understanding of their language and enjoys incorporating new words they've learned through reading.

31. ____ is able to read back a sentence after read on paper without mixing the sentence up.

32. Vocabulary comprehension has dramatically increased since last reporting period, with further reading at home, this comprehension will continue to rise.

33. _____ understands how to sound out words they aren't familiar with and can successfully read them through this process.

34. Does not ask for assistance while reading a new story and is actively engaged in what he or she is reading.

35. Has the ability to memorize what he or she has previously read and enjoys talking about past stories.

36. _____ has a great attitude towards reading and school work and is eager to begin reading.

37. ____ is working above his or her current grade level within her reading and comprehension skills.

38. Cannot complete the reading assignment in the time allotted for; needs to learn better time management skills.

39. Is behind other classmates in reading comprehension and skills, suggest reading stories at home.

40. _____ seems disinterested in reading work, and is easily distracted when reading stories.

41. Does not complete home reading assignments in a timely manner and usually comes into class unprepared and unorganized.

42. Enjoys participating in group reading activities and openly helps fellow classmates during these open activities.

43. _____ is showing a greater interest in improving their reading comprehension skills.

44. Can accurately read aloud without skipping over words or stopping in the middle of sentences to ask for help.

45. Although this student has difficulty adjusting to the quiet reading environment he or she is willing to listen to directions and still remains respectful of other classmates.

46. He or She is able to apply more effort in their reading skills than what is currently being applied in the classroom.

47. _____ is extremely confident in his or her reading skills and is showing increased progress with their reading comprehension.

48. He or she is very respectful to other classmates when they are reading.

49. Does not like to be disturbed when reading.

50. Is not open to learning new reading techniques, and does not apply them to his or her current reading habits.

Having to evaluate a child's reading skills can sometimes be a difficult task. You must be very careful when you are making comments on your student's report card. In order to accurately assess your student's schooling skills, you will want to make notes throughout the school week on your student's progress or lack-thereof. A good rule of thumb when writing these comments is to make sure to refrain from using too many negative words, and always attempt to put a positive twist on a negative issue. If this is not possible, write the comment with as much sensitivity as possible, and also follow up this comment with a suggestion to improve the situation. The entire purpose of these comments is to give the parents of your student's a better understanding in how their child is performing in various subjects. Since letter grading alone does not give the parents enough information pertaining to their child's progress, these report card comments are pivotal for this purpose. Remember to always keep your comments short and directly to the point. When you have to write many comments take a moment to go through your notebook and re-read the comments you have made throughout the reporting period about this particular child. This is very important because you will not want to confuse a child's behavior with another student's, or forget several main comments you wish to inform their parents.