Teacher's Guide to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teaching is stressful. There is probably not one teacher who would tell you otherwise, and if they did, they are lying! So, teaching is stressful, but you do it because it is your passion to teach kids and build a better tomorrow. Take a look at some ways you can avoid teacher burnout, and keep your momentum in the right place.

Take "Me Time" Regularly

Your family undoubtedly feels the burden of your stress, as well as you. It's hard to come home from a rough day and not want to rant and rave about the things that are getting to you. It's natural. One way to combat these feelings is to take some time for yourself and pamper yourself. Perhaps a trip to the mall or a manicure works for you. Other things you can do are to take a book to a coffee house and just read and drink your favorite flavor of coffee. There are thousands of ways you can take some time to yourself. Your family will understand.

Join a Gym

Burn off some steam with a good workout routine. Why do you think so many Curves and Lady Fitness gyms are popping up everywhere? It is because working out is a proven stress reliever. Being in shape helps you focus better and handle stressful situations a little more calmly.

Have a Routine

Making sure that you have daily classroom routines will save you lots of stress and worry. Being prepared also helps to reduce stress. It takes some time in the beginning to set up your routines, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Elicit Help Where You Can

There are parents and other volunteers who are ready and able to help you out with your classroom duties. Try assigning certain jobs to these individuals. They will feel so glad to be part of the class, and you will have taken some burden off of yourself. Everyone knows that a teacher leads a busy life both in and out of the classroom, so asking for help is not something you should hesitate to do.

Make Your Home a Home

This may take some practice, but don't play teacher at home. When you enter your house, drop the teaching role and be a wife and/or mom. Phrases like, "Let's think about this…" or "Why don't we try…" are just annoying to your family. You have an inner personality that is different than your teaching attitude, so use it to your advantage.

Let the Small Stuff Go

Teachers have a way of being perfectionist. They want everything to look and be just so. After all, what will the other teachers say if your bulletin board border isn't even? There are things that you can just not worry about, and it won't make any difference on how well you teach your students. For example, buying the latest and greatest gadgets for your classroom may look fancy, but if you have to learn how to use them, aren't you just adding another serving to your plate? Get back to the basics, and get on with teaching your students what they need to know.

Don't Let Go of Why You Teach

Simply reminding yourself of why you are a teacher will help relieve some of your stress. It may even actually bring a smile to your face. Kids are our future. Without teachers like you to teach them important skills and information, where would our country be in 15 to 20 years? Scary though, eh? You are doing something so vital, and you should feel proud of your accomplishments each time a school year ends and another begins. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back, and keep remembering that you are a TEACHER!