50 Report Card Comments For Assessing Elementary Student Work Habits

Having to access a student's work habits for their report cards can be a difficult task. This is because most students exhibit different work habits, so you will want to evaluate their habits correctly. Below are fifty report card comments that will help you assess your student's work habits efficiently.

1. As seen in previous report cards, _____ is having a hard time using their time wisely while they are in class. I suggest that you speak with your child about study time while in class.

2. Your child is constantly seeking attention from his or her classmates, which has caused many distractions within the classroom. His or her work is suffering from their eagerness to talk with his/her neighbors, however, when he or she settles down, their work is much better.

3. _____ is improving in their overall work habits, however, he or she is still needing encouragement in strengthening their work ethic.

4. Your child is extremely artistic, and he or she enjoys drawing, however, he or she needs to learn there is a time to draw and a time to study.

5. _____ has been consistently turning in work on time, and it is at his or her current grade level. Yet, I am convinced that he or she is able to do better within their schoolwork. I suggest working with your child on concentrating more during their work.

6. Your child is capable of completing the assigned tasks on time, however, he or she is constantly wasting time daydreaming or doing other activities instead of working on the current assignments.

7. _____ is not consistent when with his or her schoolwork. Even though they are able to turn in satisfactory work, it seems that he or she becomes restless during study times. I suggest working with your child on helping to build their concentration skills.

8. _____ is constantly disturbing other students by talking with them during study time. Because of this they are having difficulty with their schoolwork. He or she is improving with this habit; however, I suggest that you continue to work with your child with this issue.

9. You child works great in group settings, however, when he or she is on their own their work begins to suffer. While having the ability to work well with others is important, _____ needs to learn how to work individually.

10. _____ is having a hard time paying attention in class, and their work habits are consistently declining.

11. While _____ was having a difficult time keeping up with the class at the beginning of this reporting period, he or she has been steadily improving over the past couple of weeks.

12. Your child has a great work ethic and is always eager to begin school assignments.

13. _____'s work habits are well above their current grade level, and are consistently improving.

14. Your child needs to learn better work ethics concerning home study and home work assignments.

15. _____ is improving; however, they require an incentive to work harder.

16. This student has excellent work habits concerning group activities. He or she is willing to undergo challenges and is eager to solve problems. They are an inspiration to other student's in the class.

17. Your child needs to be encouraged at home to work on his or her own.

18. _____ has a decent work ethic; however, he or she needs to work better on creating a sense of responsibility for their actions.

19. _____ enjoys having responsibilities and consistently follows through with duties given to them.

20. Your child is learning to become a better listener and is taking directions better than in the past.

21. This student is a great worker, and is eager to learn new techniques.

22. Your child has wonderful handwriting and is greatly improving their writing abilities.

23. _____ is constantly handing in careful work that is free of numerous errors.

24. _____ seems to be focusing in class, but he or she is turning in work with careless errors.

25. This student needs to learn better organizational skills, which I believe will help his or her work ethic.

26. Overall _____'s work is satisfactory; however, they need to take more time to proofread their completed assignments.

27. You child is constantly occupying their downtime with constructive activities.

28. _____ is learning independence and enjoys working alone.

29. Your child has to be urged to work harder.

30. While _____ work is improving, he or she is working at a much slower pace than the rest of the class.

31. This student is easily distracted and is also an easy distraction for other students.

32. _____ enjoys getting their work done quickly, however, with this speed they are experiencing many careless mistakes. ____ needs to learn that they can slow down with their work. Try to encourage your child to double-check their work.

33. _____ is constantly enthusiastic about their schoolwork.

34. It takes a long time for _____ to comprehend their work, however once they do, the work is error-free. I would like to meet with you to discuss ways we can help _____ increase their comprehension time.

35. ____ is always seeking information.

36. Your child works very hard to get their assignments done accurately and quickly.

37. _____ is very polite to other students and is more than willing to help them with their schoolwork.

38. Your child is very anxious to please the teacher.

39. _____ has been inconsistent with their efforts to increase their abilities in schoolwork.

40. Your child is a very polite student.

41. _____ seems to understand work within the classroom, but is unable to complete homework or self-study assignments.

42. Your child is a great problem solver.

43. _____'s work habits are getting better; however, I would like to see him or her have more dedicated work habits at home.

44. _____ is very observant and can take directions very well.

45. _____ is a very dependable student, and is constantly turning in assignments on time.

46. Due to _____'s work habits, he or she has made a very fine report card.

47. Shows eagerness to improve their work habits.

48. _____ is always willing to take direction and directly apply it to their schoolwork.

49. Excels in his or her work habits.

50. _____ has great work ethics in most of their school subjects, however, they need improvement with the following subjects: