10 Ways Printable Worksheets Make Learning More Productive

Printable worksheets are a valuable classroom tool. They not only supplement your teaching, but also give you a quantifiable method for tracking how well your students are learning. Here are the 10 ways printable worksheets make learning more productive:

1. Printable worksheets make learning personal.

Students need a chance to interact with the material and explore it. Using teacher worksheets is one of the great ways to supplement your classroom curriculum. The number of available online worksheets makes it possible to find one for almost any lesson for your class.

2. Printable worksheets can save schools money.

Whether the school purchases a subscription to a site with worksheets or uses free online resources, they can save a significant amount of money. Many of our nation's schools are under-funded, and using printable worksheets can give some students the ability to learn in a fashion that may have otherwise been unavailable.

3. Printable worksheets let parents participate in the learning process.

Supplying parents with information about sites that offer printable worksheets, such as teach-nology.com, is a great way to involve them in their children's education. If they see their child struggling in one area, or just think their child needs more practice, they can use these great worksheet resources instead of having to buy workbooks.

4. Printable worksheets are a great way to prepare for tests.

Using worksheets can help the student practice for the test, allowing them to feel confident in the material. Printable worksheets also provide an excellent tool for teachers to gauge their entire class's progress on a subject. If no one can locate England in a unit on European geography, it is probably time for another lesson and worksheets before the big test! Using worksheets can also give your students the extra practice needed to do well on standardized testing.

5. Printable worksheets allow students to interact and help each other learn.

Instead of assigning individual worksheets, consider putting students in small groups of two to four children, and allow them to work on the worksheets together. This will encourage teamwork and develop their communication skills.

6. Printable worksheets are perfect for certain subjects which just have to be memorized.

Rote memorization is not often the best way of teaching. However, for specific topics like multiplication tables, it can be the best method. Once students memorize the tables and practice them on worksheets, they are ready for any multiplication.

7. Printable worksheets let students keep their work for reference.

Kindergarteners might not care about saving their alphabet worksheets. But older children often find them useful in preparing for tests. For example, a 4th grader might save all her Spanish worksheets to ensure that she is ready for the final.

8. Printable worksheets are a great way to broaden the lesson.

For example, after learning the Spanish words for family members, students can complete a family tree worksheet in Spanish. Connecting the Spanish words with their own families brings the lesson home in a way that merely memorizing the words cannot.

9. Printable worksheets help students really understand the concept.

By putting the concept into practice, students show whether or not they understand the lesson. If a student is learning fractions, completing worksheets give them first-hand experience applying what they have learned in class. Plus, worksheets provide a good tool for teachers trying to evaluate progress and comprehension.

10. Most important of all, printable worksheets provide plenty of repetition.

Without repetition, students do not have an opportunity to internalize the lesson. They may learn the concepts for that day, but it will not carry throughout the quarter or year. Repetition (with comprehension) is the best way to remember. Printable worksheets are a valuable resource for teachers, providing a vast array of educational tools to help students understand and retain knowledge. You can download printable teacher worksheets at our website to supplement any of your curriculum lessons.