Connect the Dots Worksheets

As you scroll down this page you will see a listing of the number of dots that must be connect. They go as low as five and go well over one hundred. The further you scroll down, the more dots to connect on each worksheet. There are just under one hundred different connect the dots sheets on this page, so just keep scrolling to see them all and use them.

Less than 20 Dots

  • Help students practice counting with a 19 dot-to-dot apple.
  • Learn numbers 1-20 with this dot-to-dot of an elephant.
  • Students will discover this gingerbread man if they correctly follow the number sequence.
Get The Honey!
  • Bears love honey and students will see that in this dot-to-dot that will help them learn numerical order.
  • A cute penguin waddling along is the subject of this dot-to-dot that will help students learn number sequencing.
Watering Plants
  • A wilted plant is hidden in this dot-to-dot that will help students learn numerical order.
  • Students can practice counting 1-20 with this sailboat dot-to-dot.
Sea Shell
  • Help students learn numerical order in this dot-to-dot of shell you would find at the beach.
Sleepy Bear
  • Students can learn their numbers using this dot-to-dot of a bear sleeping under two trees.
  • A snowman with carrot nose and all is the topic of this dot-to-dot.
Sunny Day
  • A beautiful day to do just about anything - including how to practice counting with this dot-to-dot.
  • A swan is hidden in the 10 dots. It will help students learn to count.

Sheets with 20 to 29 Dots

  • The animal, not the Greatest of All Time. 23 dots

Sheets Exactly 30 Dots

Sheets with 31 to 40 Dots

30 to 40 Dots Per Page

Bat and Moon
  • A bat flying near the moon will scare students into learning number sequences.
  • Bed bugs sleep to as students will see when they practice counting with this dot-to-dot.
Cooking Time
  • Cooking time for Mom is the theme of this dot-to-dot. It will help students learn numerical order.
  • A playful doggy will be found.
  • This dot-to-dot is of a singing bird.
  • A passenger jet dot-to-dot is great to use before vacations and to teach counting.
  • A puppy dog in this dot-to-dot will emerge.
Bunny Hop
  • A happy rabbit knows their numbers.
Holiday Seal
  • A holiday emblem will be unlocked if students count numbers in the correct order.
  • A cobra says, "Hello!"

Sheets with 40 to 50 Dots to Connect

50 Dots to Connect

Running Away Banana
  • A banana does a marathon! Yes, and it will be a marathon for students to do this dot-to-dot while practicing counting.
Happy Bear
  • As students learn numerical order, they will find a bear just waking up from his sleep.
Bull Pen
  • Find the bulls in the pen and students will learn numerical order.
Crazy Caribou
  • A large caribou smiles for students who can find the proper order of the numbers in this dot-to-dot.
  • Everyone loves dinosaurs. Now they can help students learn number sequencing.
  • A leaf dot-to-dot will help students learn how to count.
  • Using this dot-to-dot students can find a seal and practice counting.
  • The space shuttle comes home for any student who knows the proper numerical order.
  • The furry squirrel is a fun way to learn counting.
Dancing Wizard
  • A happy magic person will be unlocked.

More Than 50 Dots to Connect

How Connect the Dots Activities Helps You Learn to Count?

Do you think that mathematics is a difficult subject? Well, what part of it scares you the most? Is it the number lines, or is it the counting? If it is counting, then you are in luck! Because we have some ways that can help you learn numbers, starting from one onwards. Here is what you have to do! First, take a deep breath and calm down. Then write numbers from one to ten on a piece of paper. Make sure that you have written then numbers in the correct order. Keep reading the numbers starting from one to ten thoroughly until you have learned the numbers by heart. Here is the fun part, take a connect to dot game and start connecting dots one by one. Keep saying the numbers out loud with every dot you connect. This will help you learn numbers efficiently!

How to Learn Consecutive Numbers

Mathematics can be a very tough subject, isn’t that correct? It has so many sets of rules and customs that you need to learn before you can set yourself to solve a question! And all of these sets need to be remembered because if you don’t remember what the rule was, you cannot get the right answer! What a bother! But math also has some fun things that are fairly very easy to remember. Some things about the subject are really cool! Let us take a look at something new. Do you know what consecutive numbers are? Not to worry, we will explore what these are together! Consecutive is an English word that means without a gap. So when we talk about consecutive numbers, it means numbers that come after one another without any gap, or break! Consecutive numbers are numbers from the smallest to the largest, without a gap.