Classroom Games

How to Improve Your Memory with the Help of Games

There are countless brain-training apps and online games that help boost memory, attention, problem-solving skills, as well as I.Q. with regular practice. Be it a video game or a board game, anything that catches your attention and makes you ponder over situations a little harder to help you improve your memory. But it does, however, require constant practice and focus. Certain situations will enhance your problem-solving skills, which enable certain brain nerves, thus improve memory and other cognitive abilities. These games are part of our series of ideas to do when you get left over time in the classroom. We fully explored this in our article:

10 Things to Do When You Only Have 5 Minutes Left in Class

Bingo Card Set

Blank bingo cards ranging in size from 3 x 5 to 5 x 7.

Color Memory Matching Game

Match the colors using this classic game.

Fruit Memory

This is four pages of fruit for you to practice matching.

Number Match

A classic concentration game that reinforces math skills.


Match the form of transportation using this classic game.

World Sports

Four pages of images of world sports for you to work with.