Teacher Time Saver Worksheets

How Much Time Does the Average Teacher Work Each Week?

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Not only do you need to know what you are teaching, but you need to present it in such a way that kids simply cannot resist taking it in. Kids, in general, are not mature enough to attend to what is offered to them. Because of all this, teachers require a ridiculous amount of extra time to present your basic everyday lesson. While typical work are asked to work forty hours each week, teachers are very far from normal and depending the subject and grade level that they teach, the amount of time they spend on their job can greatly fluctuate. We reviewed a series of the most recent teacher polls we were able to verify and can clearly state that the average elementary teacher spends fifty-one hours a week preparing and teaching, while the typical High School Teacher spends forty-six hours preparing and laying down the knowledge. To help you reduce the amount of time you are spending, we have created a series of worksheets to help you along the way. Take your time and progress through all of the materials we have created for you within this sector.

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We offer you up some nice and colorful ways to remember what page you left off on.


Remember how your week or month looks and mark down the important dates to remember.


A great way to practice math and language arts skills.


A series of fun educational games that you can use as a way to connect and engage students in the learning process.


This are quick and easy to use to organize your classroom or any educational space.


A great way to communicate with parents and keep everyone in the loop.

Word Walls

A great way to help remind students the important words that they are studying. They are grade leveled for you.

Writing Paper

These can serve as the perfect backdrop for any writing project. The paper engages students and acts as a visual writing prompt in itself.