Color and Write Worksheets

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  • Color the animal picture and write the name of the animal.
  • Color the picture and write the word that relates to the picture.
  • Color the picture of kids playing and write the activity they enjoy!
  • Color the leisure activity and write the word of the activity.

How Does Coloring Help Improve Our Writing Skills?

Coloring is not only a favorite pass time activity for children, but it helps a lot in other aspects of our lives. It helps in unearthing the creativeness within them. But, most importantly, it helps in improving their handwriting. Not just for children but coloring can improve handwriting for us grownups as well.

When children focus both their hand strength as well as dexterity to manipulate a pencil; it helps their grasp on a pencil entirely. The way to hold the writing tool correctly will not only help to improve their coloring skill but can improve their handwriting as well. Make sure that you give children good color pencils at an earlier age so they can start practicing from the start.