Children Related Coloring and Writing Worksheets


Name foods made by a baker. Great to use right before bake sales.


What is a healthy breakfast? The most important meal of your day!


Name five things you clean every week. Something we all wish our kids did more often.


What is your favorite dessert? Why? What we crave! We fight the craving every day.

Favorite Food

What is your favorite food?

Ice Cream

Is ice cream good for children? Why? Tasty treats we all can't wait to munch on.


Why is porridge good for us? Kids really don't line up for this. But, it sure helps with the fairy tales.


List the food items in your refrigerator. The gate keeper of all things great in the Kitchen.


Name the tools in the picture. What does each tool do? You can have them write a specific tool or just the general word.


What are your favorite, nutritious vegetables? Another name for multicolor children Kryptonite.

How to Improve Students' Handwriting Through Coloring?

Children do not usually have respectable handwriting when they start out. But there is a way we can help them make it better from the get-go. That is through coloring! Coloring enables children to improve their pencil control and establishes focus. Those are two main factors which help everyone to improve their writing. Also, keep in mind that it also teaches students about boundaries since they cannot color outside a figure. Similarly, when you are teaching them how to write, you provide them with four lines and tell them specifically to not go beyond them.