Animal Coloring Worksheets

Animal Umbrella
  • An animal making his way out.
  • A new spring scene.
  • Out on the town for a stroll.
Elephant Ride
  • Why not take a ride?
  • Enjoying some ice cream.
Giraffe Riding
  • We would advise against taking rides on giraffes.
Giraffe and Tortoise
  • One day the tallest and slowest got together.
  • This friendly hippo is ready for your left over brown crayons. Remember mud?
  • Our jumpy friend is looking for food.
  • The king of beasts is out and about.
  • An aerial shot of our favorite cat.
  • Is he howling at the Sun? You don't see that every day.

10 Facts About Animals You Did Not Know

Learning about animals is fun and overly exciting. We get to know so much that we do not know. No one in this world can claim to know everything about animals. Let us work together to build a data bank about animal facts in our minds. Here are ten facts about animals that you did not know!
1. A hen can spontaneously turn into a rooster – okay, what?
2. Raccoons are animals that actually wash their food before eating – talk about eating like animals!
3. A bald eagle has the capability to build a nest that can weigh up to 2 tons – that's a whole lot of weight for a bird!
4. How many teeth do you have? Well, a leech has almost 100 times more teeth than you, like 300!
5. Butterflies, the beautiful insects you see. They taste with their feet!
6. Not to scare you all, but Anaconda’s that swallow humans are REAL! A Green Anaconda can swallow a man!
7. Just like humans, birds also use landmarks to navigate long journeys!
8. It is so difficult to think with your brain when your heart intervenes, well a shrimp has this sorted out because its heart is located in its head!
9. A snail can sleep for three years straight – a dream come true, no?
10. There are 1029384233276239847037230947 in this world (just joking!), and elephants are the only ones that cannot jump!