Kids Having Fun Coloring Worksheets

Girl with Singing Bird
  • A bird serenades a young girl.
Boy with his Kitty
  • Looks like they are having fun.
Computer Game
  • A boy plays a computer game.
Kicking the Ball
  • A boy kicking a soccer ball.
  • A young man kisses his sweetheart.
Tuba Music
  • A young lady jams on her favorite brass instrument.
  • A young man skateboards with his best friend.
Spring is Here
  • A young lady dances in the new season.
Spring Cleaning
  • A young lady tidies up the floor.
Hello Cello
  • A young lady jams on her favorite string instrument.
Hanging Out
  • Is this what kids mean by hanging around?
Kid Island
  • A group of children enjoy their tropical trip.

10 Fun Growth Activities for Kids

For mental and physical growth, it is crucial to add some extra activities in their lives. The time at school is important, but how your little one spends time at home contributes to their overall growth. Here is a list of 10 fun activities that you can do with your kid! 1. Laser Tag for the competitor kid who wants to WIN and learn a thing or two about teamwork. 2. Go-Karts give your kid the adrenaline rush that equals to that when one drives if your kid loves to be on the wheels. 3. Arcade games help kids develop decision-making skills. 4. DIYing projects; try building a birdhouse or a cushion fort with your kid, it develops strategic planning skills in your kid 5. Ax throwing; is you kid all about adventures, take them ax throwing, and they will have a fantastic time 6. Cook together; does your little one love cupcakes or brownies? Well, put them In-charge (under your guidance of course) and see how they follow directions and understand instructions 7. Grocery shopping; want to introduce the money concept in your child’s mind? Take them grocery shopping and teach them about change! 8. Charity drive: buy gifts, food, and toys, make packages together with your child, plan charity drive. Distribute things among the needy people and teach your kid the importance of giving back to the community. 9. Go to Zoo; help your kid understand the value of animals and how caging them is not a good idea. 10. Karaoke night: list down the poems and do a kid-friendly karaoke night!