Pets Coloring Worksheets

Bunny Breakfast
  • Two rabbits enjoy a good meal.
Playful Kitties
  • Three young kittens laugh it up.
Mousy Approval
  • 2 mice clap for a large cat.
Cat and a Rat
  • Sounds like a strange Dr. Seuss story.
This Tastes Like Dog Food
  • A young pup contemplates a better meal.
Snake Hisses
  • A pet snake gets loose.

Unusual Pets That You Can Own

Pet animals are amazing companions. They help us fight loneliness, and for kids, they can be great friends. While everyone owns a cat, dog, parrot, and fish, here is a list of unusual pets that you can keep in your home. Fennec Fox: Did you know that these foxes serve as fantastic pets. The Fennec Fox is super cute and sometimes even smaller than cats. They are smart and can be house-trained. It is playful and is no threat to anyone around them! Capybaras: Even though capybaras are rodents and illegal to keep as pets in many parts of the world, they serve as excellent pets. They can grow up to 4 feet long and can weigh up to 100 pounds. They are high maintenance animals. Hedgehogs: The spikes make them a big no-no as pets, especially with kids, but these are super friendly creatures. They love their owners, and they do not require much maintenance. These animals are nocturnal and perfect for the night owls!