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How Many Different Languages Are There?

There are thought to be seven thousand unique spoken language in the world just over half of those languages are thought to have a written counterpart. Many of the spoken languages are not in active use and most of the written languages are based off of the core of the Latin-based writing system. Within each spoken language there can be countless dialects that run away from the norm for geographical or political themes. Many Central Asian languages are based on more than one writing system. In this section of our web site, we will explore languages that are studied more commonly in North America. These lessons and worksheets will help cover the basics of foundational language. This is in addition to our English Language Arts section that is extensive.

The Human Body
  • We explore basic vocabulary, parts of speech, and then we advance on to translations.
Reading Passage
  • The goal is to learn to read and create conversational language both spoken and written.