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What is Science and How Does It Help Us?

In the simplest sense, science is the study of the physical world around us. This is composed of things we already know for certain and has been tested and things we have yet to explore. In most cases science begins with our curiosity of some observance we have made. Those observations are then run through scientific process to test a hypothesis. If that hypothesis holds true consistently, it helps us build our natural knowledge base. Cumulatively this knowledge can be condensed and used to create new technologies or tools that make human life easier within some aspect. Science itself can be grouped into four separate disciplines. The natural sciences help us understand life and the things that nature interact with. Formal science focuses on mathematics and logic. Social sciences study people and groups of people. This can all be used by the applied branch of science that has us apply all the different disciplines to use this knowledge to develop new applications to make human life easier.

Earth Science
Earth Science

We explore the physical and natural aspects of Planet Earth. This includes the air, astronomy, land features, topography, rocks, the water cycle.

Human Lungs
Life Science

The study of living things and the environments that they interact with. We spend a good amount of time on human bosy systems as well.

Pie Graph

Learn how to read and analyze all types of graphs. You will spend a good amount of time creating your own graphs.

Atomic Structure
Physical Science

The goal is to learn about differing forms of matter and seek out more information about the smallest types of particles around us.

Making Hypothesis
Science Experimentation

Time to explore the scientific process as a whole. We spend extra time on data collection and how to form a hypothesis.