Social Studies Worksheets

What Is the Subject of Social Studies?

Social Studies is a subject that is broken into many subtopics including anthropology, culture, economics, geography, history, sociology, and political science. The overall goal of why we study this is to become good citizens, be proactive on a daily basis, and actively participate in a democratic society. As we consider ourselves a global community, Social Studies demonstrates how we are all interconnected. As we are able to communicate with cultures of all kinds, we need to be prepared to understand the differences and similarities between them. As the economy across the globe becomes more interconnected it is our responsibility to find positive ways to work together. This is a very language heavy subject in both spoken and written form. This all leads students to become better readers and writers. If we understand political systems, we can best learn how to serve the people of the community that we are serving. A unique aspect of Social Studies is that it examines change over time and specific eras.

American Presidents

We focus our attention on the great leaders of the United States and the challenges they faced and accomplishments that they made.

American Revolution

We focus our attention on the great leaders of the United States and the challenges they faced and accomplishments that they made.

Ancient Civilizations

A look way back at those that achieved a sense of peace in a time of dispute.

Bill of Rights

Students lean what those first sections of the Constitution mean to the value of being an American.

Black History Month

February is National Black History Month.

Character Education

The goal here is to find the mind set to focus on the good for all.

Colonial America

Examine the life, culture, and motivation behind the original 13 colonies of America.

Civil Rights

Students examine the shifts, pioneers, and movers that rocked the boat to make the right thing happen.

Declaration of Independence

What were the events that forced this change and level of uprise. We look at the rights set forth for every citizen.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

We take our time to help others how to focus on the moment at hand and how to cope with stress.

Elections and Voting

How Does It Work? How Do You Choose?


Big Events in history that tested government checks and balance.

High School Social Studies

Created for High School students to work on.


How did people make it into America and what was required?

Native Americans

Take a walk in the shoes of the people that called this land home for hundreds of years.


Who were they and how did they get there to start the process of change?

States of America

An in depth look at all 50 states and their contributions.

U.S. Constitution

Who were the Founding Fathers and what were their original thoughts to create a solid government for the people.

U.S. Laws

What are the rules we follow and how are they established?

U.S. Flag

What was the original purpose of flag and what does it mean today?

Geography Vocabulary

Students explore words that they have not seen up to this point.