Spanish Language Worksheets

All About the Spanish Language

When you are learning about different languages, the Spanish language for its growing use can intrigue you to quite an extent. The language is spoken in most parts of the world and holds quite a historical importance. Consider the details below to find out about the Spanish language. Spanish is popular for its romantic feel. More than 360 million people worldwide speak Spanish as their first language. 18 American countries consider Spanish as their official language. Spanish is spreading in most South and Central American's States, even though they have their official languages. The language originated in Cantabria in the 9th century. Spanish has evolved over history. Now the language is taught as a subject in most schools, and learning the language can bring your fantastic results.


Students learn how expand on the description of something with many different mediums.

Lots of Thoughts
Colors, Months, & Numbers

Covers a diverse offering of basic skills in Spanish with things we often come across of.

Say Hello

Spanish to English greeting and the collection of how they are translated.

Pictures to Sentences
Picture Sentences

Take a long look and view at an image and put it into a sentence to describe it for other people..

Palm Tree Reading
Reading Comprehension

All the passages are presented in Spanish, make the effort to allow English speaker to understand what you read.

Speak Spanish
Speaking Practice

We put what we have learned together to draw a series of statements to back it up..

Ears Quiz
Spelling Spanish Words

Match the Spanish sentences to the appropriate picture.

Moving Words

Circle, match, or draw the correct English to Spanish verb meanings.