Follow Directions in French Worksheets

How to Follow Directions in Other Languages

You have to know the language to grasp the directions in different languages. However, let us face it; not everyone is multilingual. You can’t always know everything, and when it comes to a language, the phase can be slightly draining. But that doesn’t mean, if your fate happens to put you in a foreign setting, you can’t make your way through it. Sign language has forever been our savior. Before any language seems to take the best of you, ensure you are understanding the signs that are being put forth you. Read them through thoroughly and ensure you are not missing out on anything. If you do not understand, ask the person to repeat the signs again. If you are reading a map, ensure you are not holding it upside down because the repercussions then would put you through quite an aftermath. Anyhow, visuals are a great way to follow directions, and you should hone your visual reading skills to actually find yourself in a relaxed situation.

Color the House

You are given five step instructions in a mix of English and French.

Coloring Days of the Week

We find a nice way to review the names of the days of the week.

Days Part 2

Similar to the previous worksheet we review well known vocabulary words.

Money Bags

We hop you remember your large numbers vocabulary words.

Months of the Year

DYou will need to color based on the series of directions.

Capital Months

These words are all in CAPS.

Rando Objects

The items that are presented on this worksheet seem completely random.

Pay Attention

You will need to read these carefully and infer a good amount about them.

Relative Position

You will need to color a series of yo-yos based on a position word.

Star Power

This incorporates a great deal of vocabulary.

Hard Balloons

Do not ignore each word in each sentence for the best outcome.