French Translation Worksheets

How to Translate French to English

When you are learning different languages, one of the first things that spark your interest is seeing how its translation molds into the language you are most familiar with – in most cases, English! If you happen to enjoy learning different languages and French has just now become your next prey, the guide below might help you through and through. Consider investing in a dictionary. Dictionaries are readily available in the market, and you can opt for them whenever you want. If you want, you can consider downloading an online dictionary on your mobile as well. With several different tools available in the dictionary, you can utilize them to the best of your ability. Chances are, these tools will advance your grip on the language to quite an extent. You can also learn by watching French shows with subtitles. This helps stimulate your brain cells, and you get to strengthen your grip on the language.

Un Petit Cochon

Translate the following French nursery rhyme into English.

Frere Jacques

What does all this mean?

Comptine Des Couleurs D'automne

Translate the following French nursery rhyme into English.


Recite the nursery rhyme and touch the relevant places on your face?

Bonjour, Madame Lundi!

Interpret what you go through in this basic rhyme.

Word By Word

You will break this down in a single word fill.

Au clair de la lune

Translate the first stanza of this traditional French children's song into English.