French Vocabulary Words Worksheets

How to Improve Your Knowledge of French Words

Honing your knowledge of a language comes with a truckload of efforts. You have to put in your heart and soul into grasping the momentum, and only then do you master it. Anyhow, now that you're at improving your knowledge of French, you may follow these techniques. Reading gives you an insight into a language. But that doesn't mean you need to absorb all the draining books out there in French. Instead, start with the ones that interest you. However, ensure you are reading every day, even if it's only a line. Listening keeps you learning. In reality, the more you listen, the more it gives you insights into new perspectives. So ensure you are listening to people if you wish to improve your French knowledge. Let's face it; not every other person has the means to travel the world. But if you do, you may travel to France and explore their culture. You'll get to learn about their culture, and as a result, your knowledge will increase.

Animal Colors Quiz

Write the French word for the color of each animal.

Animal Colors Quiz 2

We work on the different colors on some different animals.

Animal Names

Write the French word for the name of each animal.

French Critters

We work on the names of these critters.

Dairy Quiz

Write the French word for the name of each dairy item.

Fruit Quiz

Do you know the names of your fruits?

More Fruits

Write the French word for the name of each fruit item.

Fruit Version 3

This is crazy purple in color.

Kitchen Quiz

Things you would find inside your kitchen.

Shapes Quiz

We match the shape of various objects to the names of the known objects.

The Perfect Snack Quiz

These good old items are some of our favorite snacks.

Veggie Quiz 1

What's the different between the fruits and veggies?

Veggie Quiz 2

These are some of the less popular veggies.

Quiz 3

The greens get after it.


Name all the animals that we show you.


Name all the body parts that are pointed out to you.

Quelle Couleur?

What colors are these different things.


Color the picture as the words indicate. Remember what "choix" means!

Paint Colors

What colors do we see from here?

Les Couleurs des Animaux

What are the colors that are associated with these animals?

La Nature

The season and weather associated with it.


The things we like to eat.

How to Learn French Vocabulary Words

French, like any other language, has the same rules when it comes to learning it. In fact, the more you dive into it, you realize how every effort you have put into learning any language applies to this one as well. Precisely, you start with reading, watching French shows, and writing the vocabulary down to memorize the words. If that is not all, you may even look into the dictionary and understand the meaning underlying the term. If you have not heard already, you may even start constructing sentences and then make your way through complex sentences and then to paragraphs. Writing helps you better grasp the meanings of the vocabulary you are reading and understand its usage. So, read, watch series – understand French culture and communicate as much as you can. Ensure you are expanding your knowledge at everything you do so that you improve on it as much as you can!