Science Experiment Worksheets

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What Are Science Experiments?

When we find something that we want to understand better, in science, we start by developing educated guesses about that thing. These thoughts or guesses are called hypothesis. We use them to try to explain phenomena of the world around us. We then can validate or invalidate these thoughts through a series of detailed plans called science experiments. The modern process is based on the work of seventeenth century scientist Francis Bacon. He felt that this process should be used to in a deductive method to come to a solution. As a result, he is seen as the Father of the scientific method. This method tells us to start by observing something that we feel is out of the ordinary or follows some level of sequence that could be explained. Once we identify that oddity, we ask a simple question that resonates with our original observation. From this, we form an explanation that we could possibly test and predict the outcome of that test. We then put this question to grill and find out what turns up. We then share our results if they support our hypothesis and invoke others to test it. When many different scientists have run the same experiment and receive the same outcomes, we view these outcomes as laws.

Sorting Objects
Data Collection

Learn how to add a mathematical component to your observations.

Developing a Hypothesis

We work on applying the scientific method to a hunch that we may have.

Bar Graphs

Learn first how to read a graph and interpret a meaning from it. Then learn to create your very own graphs.