Physical Science Worksheets

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What is Physical Science?

This is any form of science that deals with natural areas and essential explore nonliving materials. The focus is on understanding the use and applications of matter and energy. You are basically learning the fabric of the universe. Most schools focus on two specific branches of science in physical states. Chemistry is the direct study of matter at a smaller scale at the atomic level. Physics, on the other hand, looks at matter and energy across all scales. As we learn more about these areas and their applications, we see new breakthroughs that allow us to impact our immediate environment and if outer space. These areas of science also require deeper math skills to make calculations that allow us to measure and record our observations accurately. You will learn new vocabulary words throughout this section of worksheets. This will help you form a solid scientific foundation to build from. You will also find that Earth Science and Astronomy fall into this category of inorganic science. This is also where many students start to work in a science lab for the first time. They learn how to make observations, use lab equipment, and take all types of different measures.

Atomic Structure

Students explore atomic structure and how it related to the Periodic Table of Elements. You will learn to construct formulas and visual molecules.

Phases of Matter
Forms of Matter

You will explore the phases of matter and the transitions between them. We will explore the classification of matter as in compounds, elements, and mixtures.

Push or Pull Objects
Position of Objects

You will determine how position changes affect the energy of objects.

Earth and Physical Science Vocabulary
Earth and Physical Science Vocabulary

Students explore words that involve Earth's properties and energy and transfer of it.