Printable Bookmark Worksheets

How Bookmarks Save You Time

If you do not know what bookmarks are, you probably need to advance your knowledge of them. Quite creatively made, bookmarks save you time and energy both. These make reading enjoyable in all the exciting ways. When you are hooked on the storyline of a book or research that have kept you consumed for any academic purpose, you barely have the time to shuffle through pages after pages. You want to ensure you do not lose track on the last page you read because starting all over will be a hassle for you completely. With bookmarks, you get to continue the last page you read. Your pointers and outlines seem to stay intact, making your research and stories relatively easier.

Happy 100th Day!

A nice way to remember the 100th day of school.


For the winter holidays.

Dive into a Book!

Encouraging literacy!

Make Friends with a Book!

Reading for now and tomorrow!

Halloween Bookmark

A spooky bookmark for October!


For the December holiday!

Happy New Year!

A bookmark worthy of a resolution!

Reading is Cool!

Help make reading a part of their lives.

I'm off to See the World - Read!

A global reading bookmark.


November holidays.