How are Flashcards Helpful for Studying?

Flashcards come in many different sizes and colors. They are thick pieces of paper that are easy to write on. The most common way to use them is to write an important word, concept, or question on one side of the card and then the answer or definition on the opposite side of the card. You can use them to study just about anything that is question and answer form. They can also be helpful for essay or free response questions when a concept can be broken down into pieces. Many students find using flashcards to be remarkably effective to remember important information because the single question-answer format isolates all distractions away from the task at hand. This makes it easier for students to focus and absorb the thoughts on the cards much quicker than if it was just read out of textbook. From the primary level to High School levels this is the go-to method for most students. They also are heavily used at the College or University level on introductory courses. As you advance at the collegiate level, the work becomes more sophisticated and you will find less use for this method.

Letters of the Alphabet

Students use picture of association to learn all of their capital and lower case letters.


Students practice their math sum facts with same and mixed digits.


A variety of K-8 division flashcard skills.


Practice your products with zero through ten. Great for math facts.


Subtract with numbers 0 through 19.