Printable Teacher Newsletters

How Can a Class Newsletter Help Students, Teachers, and Parents?

We cannot always stay updated about everything that goes around us. When you are a student, you already have many things going on for you that can keep you on your toes. You study, participate in - out of class activities, family events, and whatnot! Your routine can stay strict through and through. In such a setting, a class newsletter can come in handy. Consider these reasons, for instance: Keeps you updated about your class fellow's important life events. You get updates about the ongoing events and those that are likely to occur in the future. Your parents stay well-informed. Parents ensure to enroll their children in the best possible school in the community. Newsletters in such a situation would be the signage for parents. From covering the school's major events to the latest information, the newsletter dives in the nitty-gritty at best.

2 Columns and Monthly Calendar

Room for two topics and a monthly calendar.

Flip the Last One

The same style as the last newsletter, but we flip the calendar and the topics.

3 Column Newsletter

Seems simple, but it is super useful.

3 Column Newsletter Pushed Right

3 column right-side heavy newsletter.

Pop-out Newsletter

Main areas are outlined in this newsletter.


Basic newsletter to send home.