Dolch Sight Word Walls

What Are Word Walls?

There are plenty of literary tools that can help students learn new words and build a vocabulary. One of these tools is the word walls. It is a tool composed of a collection of organized words in a way that boosts a student’s learning capability. The words on this wall are displayed in a large and readable font. The wall displays sight words or other important words that are critical for a child to memorize. Word walls contribute to improving a child’s ability to see patterns and differences in words and even help them improve their ability to spell the words.

1st Grade Dolch Words

Dolch words for first graders.

2nd Grade Dolch Words

Leveled for grade 2.

3rd Grade Dolch Words

Dolch words for third graders.

Kindergarten Dolch Words

SIght words for kindergarteners.


Dolch words for preschoolers.


Vocabulary related to the family unit.


Vocabulary related to food and nutrition.

4th Grade

Common vocabulary for 4th graders.

1st Grade

Common vocabulary for 1st graders.

2nd Grade

Common vocabulary for 2nd graders.

3rd Grade

Common vocabulary for 3rd graders.


Vocabulary related to home life.


Common vocabulary for kindergarteners.

Weather and Nature

Vocabulary related to nature and weather.