Spanish Colors, Numbers, & Months Worksheets

How to Count to Twenty in Spanish

Learning to count in any language is not easy. However, when you are learning a certain language, you must learn to count numbers. If you haven't already guessed, here's how you can learn to count up to twenty. When you are speaking to natives, you get first-hand experience of the language you are learning. You utter the right pronunciation, and you don't get to embarrass yourself when you finally master the language. In reality, books cannot always be your cup of tea – especially when you are learning a language. Though you learn the jargon, mastering it only comes with speaking and listening. However, if you do not have any native around you, ensure you are watching enough movies. If that is not possible, you may even utilize the free courses available on the internet. These courses provide you sufficient knowledge on knowledge, and if diving deep into the nitty-gritty is your thing, it may even help you in that.

Birthday Cake

Telling and asking age in Spanish. Write the proper Spanish number on the line provided.

How Old?

How many years old are you? Tell the age of each person.

The Colors (Los Colores)

Write the correct Spanish color on the line provided.

Color Matching

Match the correct Spanish color name to the color.

Days of the Week in Spanish

Match the day of the week between English and Spanish.

Months of the Year

Match the correct Spanish month to its English counterpart.

Months Part 2

Write the correct Spanish word for the given month in the line provided.

Number Sentences

Fill in the blank with the correct Spanish number word.

Object Numbers

Match the picture with the correct Spanish number word.