Spanish Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Tips for Learning to Read in Spanish

Reading is no walk in the park, let alone learning to read in Spanish when you are not a native. But that doesn't mean you can't hone your reading skills. Anyhow, now that you have taken down on a bumpy road, ensure you lessen the odds with these simple techniques. Improve Your Vocabulary - In reality, the vocabulary helps you in the long run. It helps you in your speaking and reading both. The more you improve your vocabulary, the better you grasp the meanings while you are at reading. However, ensure you are keeping a dictionary with you. You may even download a dictionary on your smartphone if you wish. It will save you of all the inconveniences proficiently. Read, Read, and Read! - The more you read, the better it gets! You may grab this rule as though your life depends upon it. So ensure you are reading if you wish to improve on your reading skills.

Buenos días, Juan

A waking up story for Spanish reading comprehension.

The Meeting

Does Magdalena tell Beth that her Spanish is good or bad?

At the Restaurant

Read the following conversation then answer the questions that are on the sheet.

Got the Time?

Does Magdalena tell the man that he is kind or agreeable?

A Relaxing Vacation

What type of work does Beth do?

Juan and Pedro

Are Juan and Pedro enjoying the sun or the snow?

Out on the Town

Whom won't Pedro have to call?

A Nice Lunch

Does Juan want something cold or hot to drink?

Take a Hike

A camping story related Spanish reading comprehension.

Off To Mexico

Does Juan tell Beth not to have too much fun or that he hopes she doesn't have fun?