Spanish Verb Worksheets

Common Spanish Verbs

Here are some most basic and versatile verbs in the Spanish language that you can use daily. Keep a list with you if you are unable to remember the words. You can simply peak in when necessary. If you are unsure how to use the words in the correct tense, use them in basic form and see if native speakers understand you. Here are some common Spanish verbs that you should know:
Bailar | to dance
Beber | to drink
Buscar | to look for
Cambiar | to change
Caminar | to walk
Cantar | to sing
Cocinar | to cook
Comer | to eat
Comprar | to buy
Decidir | to decide
Despertar | to wake up
Escuchar | to listen
Esperar | to wait/hope for
Estudiar | to study
Hablar | to speak/talk
Hacer | to do/make
Ir | to go
Limpiar | to clean
Llegar | to arrive
Llorar | to cry
Mirar | to look at
Necesitar | to need
Oir | to hear
Poder | to be able
Querer | to want
Salir | to leave/go out
Tocar | to touch
Trabajar | to work
Ver | to see
Viajar | to travel

IR Conjugated Verbs Matching

Draw a line from the IR conjugated verb to the correct English meaning.

IR Verb Conjugation

Conjugate all the verbs you are presented with.

Finding Meaning In IR Verbs

Circle the correct meaning of the word.

IR Conjugated Verbs

What activity is taking place here?

Spanish Verbs

Circle the correct meaning of the word. Translated: Circunde el significado correcto de la palabra.

Move Forward

Take this apart and see what is missing here.

My Circles

Circle which ever of the three makes the most sense.

Matching Conjugated Verbs

Match the English to the Spanish.


You should be familiar with all of these words, by now.

Moving Verbs

Match the English verb to the Spanish Verb.

Conjugated Verbs

Match the form of the word that best matches the explanation.


Match the English verb to the Spanish Verb.