Weather Worksheets

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What is Weather?

Weather refers to the state of atmosphere that stay same in a certain time duration. Gasses make the atmosphere well especially oxygen that is the main reason of its presence. Atmosphere is an essential part of the planet Earth. Atmospheric conditions indicate the weather status of the Earth. There are lots of factors that we can estimate well. There is different prediction scientist announce every month or week. People get the related updates from news channels or online platforms. Have ever notice what is the common news you get? You may find the news related to the temperature of cities, maybe it is about expected rain or snow capacity, and it may about sunny, cloudy, and congenial weather condition. All of these factors become a perfect combination that make weather. The status of all of these elements makes the weather perfect and imperfect.

How's the Forecast?

Follow the weather forecast in your area for the next 5 days. Compare the forecast to the actual conditions.

Weather Math

Pick two cities and follow the high and low temperature for those cities over the next 5 days.

Label the Cloud Types

Word Bank: Cirrus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Fog, Stratus

My Look at the Forecast

Now that you have a little bit of weather knowledge, take a crack at the forecast each day over 5 days. Make sure to take measurements for 2 straight days prior to predicting the forecast. Take your first two days of measurements below. Put your forecasts on the following pages.

Thunderstorms Ahead!

You just spent a beautiful day on the beach. You lookup and see one heck of a thunderstorm headed your way. Describe your experience in detail below.

Who Started A Snow Ball Fight?

You are walking to a friend's house when a surprised snow storm hits. Describe your experience in detail below.

Tornado! Watch Out!

You are walking outside your home when all of a sudden you hear someone shout the word "Tornado!" Describe your experience in detail below.

Air, Land, Sea Transportation

Cut out the motor vehicles below. Place them in the correct category column.

Which Word?

Write the correct word to indicate the form of transportation.