Astronomy Worksheets

What is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the branch of science that deals with the study of universe and space. The person that specialized in this field is known as Astronomist. It includes the study of spaceships, planets, galaxies, stars, solar system, and all related things that present in the space. It also describes the life of space. It has further branched such as Astrophysics is an integral part of the astronomy. There is multiple regulation of physics scientists include in it. People got complete knowledge about the origins of universe and the objects in it due to astrophysics and astronomy. Whether it is layman astronomer or an experienced astronomer, both can devise the space related theories and applications for universe observation. It also helps us to understand what are planets, stars, and galaxies. There are different branches of Astronomy. But two of them are the major ones that are optical and other one is non-optical astronomy. The first one is about the usage of astronomical instruments for space objects study in the radio via gamma-ray wavelengths. The last one is there is a smooth wavelength that is infrared astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, etc. Both branches are helpful and give accurate results on the ground and in the space. The prime example of this is, HST that refers to the sensitive instruments to other wavelength of light.

Asteroid, Comet, or Meteor?

Place an "X" in the appropriate boxes to indicate characteristics of asteroids, coments, and meteors.


Complete the table and draw a picture of each constellations.

Constellation Distance from Earth Graph

Plot the average distance of each constellation from Earth.

The Star 411

Using research sources, fill in the following chart with information about the different star groups.

The Star Temperature Graph

Using the information provided below, plot the temperature of each star.

Northern or Southern?

Label the hemispheres using the word bank.

Anatomy of the Space Shuttle

Label the features of the Space Shuttle.

Anatomy of the Sun

Label the features of the Sun.