Erosion and Weathering Worksheets

What is Erosion?

When wind, mechanical or water sources eliminate and transport of soil, the process of Erosion occurs. There are three natural ways of erosion process such as surface erosion, soil mass movement, and gully erosion. Surface erosion occurs due to the action of raindrops and wind across the soil surface. The primary elements of all process of erosions are raindrops. In this process, soil particles loos and splash due to the high pressure of energy. It is the slow running method. You will see a small vegetation that happens in range land and it supports the production of agriculture production areas. Well-defined routes and channels happen in Gully erosion that can be shallow as minimum inches with a clear depth like Grand Canyon. There are transport sediments due to the highest capacity of clean water relatively. For example, there is a dam at Page, Arizona that eliminates the most sediment coming down at the Colorado River. There is no water below the dam, and it is the major reason that take away from the beaches and sand bars. Massive chunks of soil move for the first time; it means the process of mass movement of soil occurs.


Erosion is the washing away of soil and rocks. Erosion can be minimized by plant life and promoting its growth. The roots of the plants grow deep into the soil and prevent movement on the surface. Stone can also be used to prevent erosion. The weight of the stone stops soil from moving. Circle the picture that shows a way of stopping erosion for each pair.