Fossil Worksheets

What are Fossils?

Fossils are the prints of different organisms of historical era. People of that period preserved them by ordinary and catastrophic events. Fossils are the best source to learn about ancient times. The people who study them and related things are Geologists. They use fossils to make timeline, know about environmental changes, and learn what should they expect for the future. Scientists often find fossils in the form of rock or bone without naked eye. The other divisions are not obvious that is why Geologist gave the name of fossil’s study a Fossilization. The people of the past, buried the remains of organism that has been protecting the bacterial reactions that degrades carbon-based organisms. For example, a recognized and professional team of Geologists found the footprints, bones, and teeth of dinosaur in the mud to plant imprints. Here is not only petrified wood, seashells, and organisms that ancient people preserved in amber. Ancient people made fossils for today's world through the process of preservation. That includes the following processes: Freezing - It preserves the organisms from decaying. Geologist found various giant mammals that people of ancient times buried in ice. Drying - People of the past also mummify the organisms without humidity and extreme heat.

Fossil Layers

Label fossil layers by age. Number the oldest layer 1. Write a 2 on the next oldest layer and so on.

Fossil Layers Chart

Pieces of rock broke off from the ledge below. Within the pieces of rock, various fossils were found in or between layers. The key below indicates where each fossil was found.

Fossil Activity

Use the Fossil Layers Chart and Key to answer the questions below. Cut out all the Fossils Found from page 1. Paste them in order of age below.