Water Cycle Worksheets

What is the Water Cycle?

Water - A basic element of nature covers 70% of the earth's surface. The water needs to be refilled, purified, and also circulated over and over again in order to perform its functions. Nature takes care of this job through a process called the water cycle. The water cycle is a phenomenon where water moves through 3 stages (gas, liquid & solid) over 4 spheres (lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere) and completes a full cycle. The water cycle has multiple effects: it controls the surrounding temperature, changes weather and generates rain, helps in the conversion of rocks to the soil, and circulates important minerals through the spheres.

Water Cycle Diagrams

Label the steps of the water cycle.

Water Cycle Draw Me

Label each aspect of the water cycle. Word Bank: transpiration, condensation, evaporation, precipitation.

Blank Drawing

Draw out the entire cycle.

Water Venn Diagrams

Tell us the similarities and differences between all the different cycles.