Developing a Hypothesis Worksheets

How to Develop a Hypothesis from Observations

A hypothesis is one part of what is called the scientific method. Good experiments or study is based on the scientific method. It helps give order and structures to experiment and ensure that interference from scientists or outside influences does not skew the results. It is important to understand the concepts of the scientific method before holding an experiment. The hypothesis starts by asking the correct questions. For example, if you have observed that the grass is greener when it rains the second time a week, you may ask what sort of grass it is? If the grass across the street responds to rain the same way? Or What elevation it is at? Any of these questions can become the backbone of the experiments you will perform.

They're Living in the Pond?

Take a look at various pond water samples. See if you can find any living organisms. Draw a picture and write a brief description of any living things you find.

Part or Whole

Tell whether each object is a part or a whole.