Endangered Animal Worksheets

What Are Endangered Animals?

You can be an animal lover and still have to be protective of yourself. However, the endangered species is the one that can go through extinction in the near future. They are endangered either because of their life-threatening demeanor for humans and our world or because their livelihood is a hurdle for the progress of the world. For instance, they restrict constructions. Anyhow, if that’s not all, if you don’t who, these endangered animals are, here’s a list comprising them. 1. Amur Leopard, 2. Giant panda, 3. Tiger, 4. Whooping crane, 5. Blue Whale, 6. Asian Elephant, 7. Sea Otter, 8. Snow Leopard, 9. Gorilla, 10. Tasmanian Devil, 11. Orangutan. One of the foremost reasons for their extinction is that cells, blood, or any specific part of these animals are used to prepare medications or life-saving drugs for certain diseases. If that’s not all, blue whales’ ambergris is used for the preparation of perfume and fragrance.

Endangered Animals Vocabulary

Match the words with their meanings. We explore the three most common areas related to this topic.


Write the name of the endangered animal in the puzzle.