Health Worksheets

What are Healthy Habits?

When you want to stay healthy, keeping your routine and lifestyle balanced can bring you incredible results. For instance, your body stays in shape, your sleep-wake cycle stays intact, and you manage your work and life perfectly well. Consider these healthy habits if you want to ensure a healthy and rejuvenated lifestyle for yourself. Ensure you do not ever do drugs. Do not overeat and keep your portions subtly, including a mix of proteins, vitamins, and all kinds of nutrition. Prepare for yourself a healthy fitness regime. From exercising daily to going out for walks, you can consider a cross-training program for yourself as well. Cut on excessive sugar intake, smoking, and every other drug that keeps you unhealthy. These are just a few of the healthiest habits that you can live with. Feel free to add more to the list and enjoy your results through and through.

I'm Healthy!!

Put a smiley face in the box if you did healthy task today and a frowning face if you did not.

Eating Well

Draw and then color at least two foods for each group.

Take Care Of It

Draw some pictures in the boxes to show how you take care of yourself.

Healthy Snacks

Circle the pictures that show a healthy snack.