Stages of Life Worksheets

What is a Life Cycle?

As an organism starts life it goes through a variety of different periods until it reaches full adulthood. All plants and animals go through this process over the course of their life. Each species has their own set series of stages. If you have a pet, you have most likely witnessed this yourself. Dogs are born as puppies and it takes anywhere from six months to two years for them to be considered an adolescent which is when they are full of and energy and play until they get exhausted. At about three years old they become adults; you will notice that they calm down a bit. After about six to eight years, they reach their senior stage of life and things get slower and gray. That is the conclusion of the dog life cycle. Plants start as seeds that fly through the air to reach an area to grow. Some plants require honeybees to fertilize them. This seed will then grow into a full adult and the cycle can continue when that plant releases seeds of their own. All life cycles start at birth, involves levels of growth, and then ends at death.

Am I Living?

Matter can be living or nonliving. Circle all the matter below that would be considered living.

Living or Not?

Matter can be living or nonliving. Cut out the pictures below. Paste them in the correct area of the chart below.

Living or Nonliving?

Check the boxes that apply to each specimen. We compare computers, cars, plants, and basic cells.

Tree Growth

Put the following pictures in the correct order to show how a tree grows.

Needs For Growth

Circle the pictures to show what a flower needs to help make it grow.

Tree Parts

Label the following pictures. Use the word bank.