Human Body Systems Worksheets

What Are the Human Organ Systems?

There are eleven essential organ systems in the human body, but five of these organ systems that help us tremendously in maintaining things and help keep us going. The nervous system allows us to sense the world around us and inside of us. The brain works as the control center of the nervous system. It is located within the skull. A brain muscle's function is to control and coordinate the sensory reception and integration, memory storage, speech production, and elaborating thoughts and emotions. The nervous system works together with our endocrine system to control our metabolism of all chemicals inside of us and regulate body functions. The circulatory system helps put life given gases into our system and remove all types of wastes. Lungs are two cone-shaped and sponge-like structures that fill most of the chest cavity. The essential function is to provide oxygen from inhaled air to the bloodstream and to exhale carbon dioxide. The heart is a muscular, hollow organ that pumps blood through repeated rhythmic contractions through the blood vessels. The digestive system allows us to take in energy and process the food that we eat. It is an elastic, muscular, pear-shaped bag, lying crosswise in the abdominal cavity under the diaphragm. Its main purpose is to digest food by producing gastric juices that break down, mix and turn the food into a thin liquid.

Human Digestion

We explore all the organs that are involved, the chemicals that are used, how we use mechanical and chemical digestion to break down carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins.


Label each type of tooth below.

Skeletal System

Place the following phrases that are associated with the skeletal system on the concept map below.

Human Anatomy: The Respiratory System

Label the parts of the human respiratory system.

Human Anatomy: The Skeleton

Label the parts of the human skeleton.

What are the Jobs of the Digestive System Organs?

This activity will get you to not only understand the names of the organs, but their purpose.

Muscular System Concept Map

A mind map to help you breakdown the functions within the muscular system.

I Brush My Teeth Everyday!!

Draw a tooth in each square that you brush your teeth.