Types of Planets and Animals Worksheets

What is the Difference Between the Plant and Animal Kingdoms?

Mother Earth comprises both animals and plants, which are then divided into further subdivisions. Although both of them fall under the category of living things, there are many distinct features. Let's learn the differences. Plant Kingdom - Plants are autotrophic eukaryotes, i.e., they have complex cells. They make their food using photosynthesis, and they need sunlight to grow. Plants are generally static and do not move from one place to another by themselves. Animal Kingdom - Animals are eukaryotic organisms with numerous cells. They do not make their food and do not need sunlight to grow. Most animals can move.

Building an Animal Cell

Instructions for creating a cell of your very own.

Cell Worksheet

Match the following keywords with the appropriate term.

Animals That Don't Belong

Place an X on the animal that does not belong to the group.


Write the word for each picture in the puzzle.

Where are All the Plants?

Cut and paste all plants in the box.

Where are All the Animals?

Cut and paste all the animals in the box.

Where are All the Animals and Plants?

Place a blue circle around animals. Place a red circle around plants.

Where Do I Call Home?

Draw a line from each animal to where it lives.

The Animal Chart

Complete the missing parts of the chart below.

The Animal Lookout

Choose an animal. Describe your animal's characteristics in the boxes.