Forms of Matter Worksheets

What Are the Forms of Matter?

The world and everything in it are made up of three states of matter. These states of matter include solid, liquid, and gas. Solids have a fixed shape, and the molecules are tightly packed. The car you ride in, your stationery box, smartphone, and water bottles are all forms of solids. They do not change shape, and their volume stays the same. Liquids take the shape of the container and do not have a shape of their own. Also, liquids can easily flow. The molecules of a liquid are not so closely packed and can slide over each other with ease. Water, soft drinks, juices, and paint are all forms of liquids. Gas, the third state of matter, are made of widely spaced molecules. Gases can be compressed and take up the entire space in the container. Air, ammonia, etc. are all forms of gases.

Element, Compound, or Mixture

Place an "X" in the appropriate box to indicate whether each substance is an element, compound, or mixture.

Phase Change Examples

Draw what would happen to ice cubes before and after you left them out of the freezer for 3 hours.

Phase Examples

Everyday we come in contact with matter in different phases. List 10 examples of matter in each of the three phases.

Label My Phase: Elements and Compounds

Label the phase of each element or compound at room temperature.

It's Just a Phase They're Going Through

Label the boxes solid, liquid, or gas. Draw four molecules of water going through all three phases.

States of Matter

Circle the state of matter describe. In many cases, there can be more than one correct answer.

Draw My Phase

Visualize all the changes in phases.