Position of Objects Worksheets

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Push and Pull Forces?

Forces surround humans. Gravity is a force that pulls us down and helps us walk on earth. Friction is another force that heats things, like when we rub our hands together and generate heat to make our hands warmer. Push and pull are making use of other forces and pressure. They are forced, just applied by a weight. The difference between push and pull forces is their direction where they are applied. If the force is applied in the opposite direction, then it is called a push. The only similarity between the two forces is that they need weight or pressure to be applied.

Which Objects Do You Pull?

Circle all the pictures that you would pull to move.

Push or Pull?

Write push or pull for each picture to indicate if the objected is being pushed or pulled.

Through the Day

When we push or pull something it creates a force. Force can cause object to move in the direction we are pushing or pulling. You push and pull objects everyday. List five ways you use push and pull forces in your day.