Abbreviation Worksheets

What Are Abbreviations Used For?

FBI, GIF, Zip, Radar, UN, WHO. These are some terms that are very commonly used in the world. They are part of casual conversations. These are not actual words but shortened versions of a phrase or a long name. FBI is a shortened version of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; GIF is a shortened version of graphics interchange format. These are all abbreviations, and these help saving time in writing and helps people keep their conversations brief and concise. Abbreviations are shortened versions of a word. Squeezing your writeups in a limited space and increasing the readability of a sentence high can be done using abbreviations. There are four different types of abbreviations: initialism, acronyms, shortening, and contractions. Initialism is the practice of forming a word using the first letter of a group of words. In this case, each letter is pronounced individually. Some examples include the FBI, ASAP, CD, UFO, USA, VAT, CEO, and many others. Then there are acronyms that are formed using the first letters of the words, but they are pronounced as a word itself. Some examples of acronyms include NASA, NATO, PIN, ZIP, VAT, and several others. The third type of abbreviation is shortenings. These are abbreviations in which either the beginning or the end is omitted. Advertisement is often written as an ad, application as app, influenza as flu, blog as a weblog. Not all shortenings can be used in verbal conversations. Shortenings such as Feb, Sat, etc., and many others. The fourth type of abbreviation is contractions. These are the ones where the middle of a word is omitted. Some examples include Dr, govt, St, Mr. Other forms of contractions are where the apostrophe is used to represent the missing letters. Some examples include he’s, they’d, I’ve and several others.


Write the common time-related abbreviations for each word.


These all center around units of measure.

Grammatical Considerations

In dictionaries, abbreviations are often used for parts of speech and other grammatical terms. Do you know what the common abbreviations below mean? Write the meaning of each abbreviation on the line.

Everyday Uses

Write the correct abbreviation for each underlined word or phrase.


You will have to explain what they mean and use them in sentence.

Uses in Writing

We start learning about some commonly used forms in real world writing. You might see these in letters or greeting cards.


These are all used for cooking-related terms.

State Names

This is a cross over skill to work on with Social Studies class.

Business and College

Match each business title or college degree with the correct term.


What do all these things mean on a map?

Postal Terms

These all relate to things the mail people deal with all day long.


These relate to all types of different transactions.

Names and Titles

If the name or title is normally capitalized.


Why not explore inform language? It is slowly becoming its own language anyway.

Months of the Year and Days of the Week

There is an acceptable form that is seen to exist.