Advanced Writing Worksheets

What Are Advanced Writing Skills?

Learning to write well is difficult. The ultimate goal is to communicate your message to your audience. This can be formed simply or driven to new heights through the use of style, format, and language. This section of our website will help you begin to write more professionally. We explore the concept of style of format that speaks to your readers. The foundation is built on understanding your readers. What are their expectations and where can you build off of that? We begin with learning how to structure our sentences and then leap to paragraphs. Of course, we spend some time reviewing how grammar, mechanics, and punctuation fits into all of this. The worksheets in this section will help elevate your ability to get your message across in a clear and concise manner.

Active Versus Passive Voice

Students learn to breakdown sentences and convert the narrative delicately.

Citing Sources

We review the different formats that are common used and help you learn how to use them.

Complex Sentences

We learn how to add depth to our message for our readers.

Direct and Indirect Objects

Learn how to identify where these objects are and how to bolster the sentence altogether.


We learn how to frame an argument that will help us sell what we write.

Run-on Sentences

How to identify and correct them.

Compound and Simple Sentences

We learn how to convert between these different forms.

Subjects and Predicates

Learn to identify the who and what of every sentence you come across.