Story Analysis Worksheets

How to Analyze a Story

To become a better writer, reading is something that can work wonders. A good writer will have the ability to comprehend what they are reading effectively. Another way a writer can come up with new and creative ideas is through analysis of stories. When analyzing stories, you need to start by recognizing and what you are reading; it is one of the most crucial aspects of the analysis of a story. After this, ask the question, ‘how did the writer do that?’ Start by highlighting the parts that worked well for you and the ones that you think were the best part of the entire read. The next factor is to study the components individually for an in-depth understanding of the literary piece. This is how you analyze a story.

Character Development

Students track the changes that occur across the life of the story.

Character Traits

We discuss how to learn the tendencies of a character and track them.

Character Organizers

Explore them more and chart evidence about them you can refer back to.

Identifying Themes

Students learn how the theme can be identified and explored.

Story Breakdowns

This helps you learn how to outline and piece apart a story.

Story Structure

We learn how the author put together the tale and deconstruct it a bit.