Handwriting Worksheets

How to Improve Your Penmanship

Improved penmanship or handwriting is something that is becoming obsolete by the day as more and more people are shifting towards the digital form of writing. The major shift from penmanship to digital writing using a stylus has made improving penmanship an activity seen tempting in the past. Still, for some people who are more inclined towards old-school habits, this shift from penmanship to digital writing is considered as against the normal. Many people spend a lot of time learning cursive writing, and the fact that it takes time learning that technique justifies the beauty of it. Usually, it takes a 30-days exercise to learn and master cursive writing. Improved penmanship is still considered as an attribute, and people still consider it as something that cannot be mastered easily.

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D'Nealian Worksheets

We cover every main character in lower and upper case. We include the cursive and manuscript formats.

Zaner Bloser Worksheets

A nice series of practice penmanship worksheets that include all forms of the major characters.

Good Activities to Improve Your Handwriting?

Handwritings are one of the most essential things when it comes to English Language. While some people have really beautiful handwriting, others are really bad at it! And if you have unreadable handwriting, then that is quite alright! Let us take a look at some ways to improve your handwriting! The first thing you need to do is tracing, Tracing letter helps you to get a better grip of the word or letter you are trying to replicate. It also helps you to understand in which position you can hold your pen better. Try buying handwriting copies. Shops have all kinds of writing activities, from single letters to complete sentences. An hour from everyday writing will help you get a better grip on writing. You can also try writing while listening to a song or some television advertisements. That increases your speed. Good luck!