Grammar Skills Worksheets

What is Grammar?

In simple terms, grammar is the structure in which language is ordered and formatted. It is not only the words and phrases used, but how they are used in sentence. For the most part, grammar is a sentence level skill. When you are looking at the scope of the work at the paragraph, page, or even chapter level it considered to be a study of mechanics more so. The basic premise is to understand that sentence structure is dynamic and changes or adapts based on the message that is attempting to be conveyed to the read. The core of grammar focuses on syntax and morphology. Syntax is centered around the way in which the words are sequenced within a sentence. Morphology is more of a rule set that dictates word structure. How words sound to the audience can also come into play, but at a lesser extent. When the work is being spoken aloud semantics can also be considered and critiqued, but this is not always the case.


A look at very common and some not so common uses of abbreviations.


We look at situations when two nouns get in each other's way.


Students will actively use this at the sentence and paragraph level. We also explore the use of titles.


We work on the usual suspects of the independent and subordinate clauses.


We look at the best uses of your vocabulary.


We learn how to use them properly in real world settings.


This is where you need to pay attention to what is being said.


Students learn the proper and improper uses of these words.

Editing / Proofreading

Your will be provided a fully written story and are asked to do a full review by using marks.

Figurative Language

Not only learn to identify this, but learn how to use it in your own writing.

Homonyms and Homographs

Learn how to use these in your works.


Those tricky little words that sound the same, but have totally different meanings or spellings.


When you don't want to be taking literally.

Infinitive and Participles

Those crazy verbs! We will help you make sense of their use.


When you want to make your work have a more human feel to it.